Monday, August 15, 2011

Giveaway Winner & What I Wore

The temperature has finally dropped a bit in New York. Nothing drastic but enough to ponder jeans at out!! With the exception of the relentless rain all Sunday (and I think for the next 48 hours), it has been pretty nice lately. What I wore last week shifted a bit by night, again nothing crazy, but to brave jeans meant a big change. Not to mention the giveaway ended Friday and somebody will be a giveaway winner today!

First things first, some style inspiration from what I wore by night recently.

After a slightly rainy day but clear night, I went for a walk past Lincoln Center with my roommate. With the weather a PERFECT 72 degrees a threw on my lace crop top with no fear of a chill and Levi Skinny Jeans and boots to compensate for the puddles. I love that this is a completely casual outfit in NYC...I am so meant to live here. Oh and yes that is a Borders bag in my hand because I'm a MASSIVE book nerd and since they're going out of business it is imperative that I buy more, trust me that is good logic.

Alright, now for what you all want to see... the giveaway winner is:

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AMANDA!! Congratulations my dear, this beautiful baby will be yours soon!

But good news for all of you! 
Alex is offering FREE SHIPPING to everyone on their next Stella & Dot purchase! Just visit Alex's Stella & Dot website and shop around, then email Alex at Mention the code: Embellished Giveaway and tell her what you would like to purchase and she will process your order from there. 


Tara @ Haute Lunch said...

Very cute outfit! Love how much you have embraced the crop top this season! Also, congrats to the winner!

Junaluska said...

I'm so sad that Borders is going out of business! It was so lovely and convenient, as there was one really close to my house. I really like the lace shirt, too, by the way.

Jessica said...

I have def embraced the crop tops, I'm just loving them all!

Amanda said...

:-) can't wait!!

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