Monday, August 29, 2011

NYC Hurricane Party Weekend!

Well NYC has been through a crazy week! First an earthquake and then a hurricane...what's next?! When NYC started a mandatory evacuation of downtown for Hurricane Irene and announced a complete suspension of all MTA public transportation for the weekend, I felt a bit uneasy to say the least. I was on the pier along the Hudson River, Friday night with my friend who is from Connecticut. We started chatting about Hurricane Irene and how much fun it would be to have a hurricane party weekend! So I prepared my apartment, grabbed a bag of clothes, and headed out for an evacuation party in CT!

We started the NYC hurricane party weekend with a necessary stop at Target for supplies. I haven't been to Target more than a handful of times over the last two years and I miss it so much! Our Target escapade was aces and I found a new felt fedora that will be a soulful addition to my Fall wardrobe!

What I wore this weekend:
Alice + Olivia dress (as a tank)
Forever 21 ripped shorts
Gla.MAR.ous zipper headband
Vintage Tattoo print Chuck Taylor All Stars

 So many jewelry, so little time! My friend has an amazing selection of fun costume jewelry, so I always raid her closet when I visit. The watch is Michael Kors and the turquoise and gold bracelets are various vintage finds.

After that we went to this amazing chocolate cafe Chocopologie in Norwalk, CT, where I ordered a Chocopologie, a rich chocolate latte complete with lavender foam!

This shop was adorable and French feeling. I love places that don't skimp on atmosphere, and Chocopologie was full of it! Us girls had a fabulous time, and here is my amazing (and fashionable) friend and me outside, after our bellies were full of warm yummy coffee.

We later had a steak cookout on the covered porch, beauty of the burbs, and played board games all night with friends. It was a successful hurricane party weekend and just what the doctor ordered to rest up before a very busy New York Fashion Week season for Spring/Summer 2012!

What was your hurricane party weekend like?

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Trisha Loftin said...

sounds like you had fun!

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