Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall for Paris

Paris is already the most romantic city you can visit, but top that off with leaves in brilliant shades or orange, red, and gold, and a refreshing breeze that brings out the roasting chestnuts and you have perfection! Fall in Paris is a magical time of year. Enjoy these pictures and be inspired by my favorite season.

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

My lovely blogger friend Travelling Amber recently bestowed on me this lovely award. She is an ex-pat living in France and has some very funny stories and insight on the comedic life of living in a foreign country full-time! Thank you Amber for the honor.
As instructed, I will now be passing this award along to my Fav Five Bloggers out there!

#1 Couture Carrie - An amazing fashionista (and absolute sweetheart) that always blogs on great style on and off the runways. This is a blog I read religiously!

#2 Cheap Chica's Guide to Style - Lilliana has a true gift for finding what is "in" and at a price your wallet can also be happy about. She is truly what us women need in an economic time like this!

#3 Cheyenne Shultz Photography - To say Cheyenne is gifted with a camera is still doing a huge injustice to the amount of talent this lovely lady has! I visit her blog frequently to look at stunning pictures that inspire me in numerous ways. And in my mind she is already booked for my future engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures.

#4 My Structured Chaos - Ladi Patti is so sweet and a joy to work with. She posts inspiring photography, and wonderful shops she finds on Etsy. I love checking in on her latest finds!

#5 Threadbanger - If you have not experienced Threadbanger yet, your life is not complete. TB is my numero uno go-to site for crafting. Here you can find any how-to for a handmade craft, be it sewing, knitting, diy, the sky is the limit! Hailing from Brooklyn, Corinne, Rob, and Meg are the perfect team to bring you inspiring projects!

I hope you enjoy checking out these amazing blogs! Please give me your thoughts on them, and I'm sure they would appreciate a shout-out on their posts as well!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wambrechies France

Not far from Lille is the quaint town of Wambrechies. It is the perfect town to go for an afternoon stroll by the river or spend a Sunday dozing in the park. Check it out!
Ville de Wambrechies

I thought this sign was funny, I'm not sure if they are trying to warn that frogs live here, or if the frogs are unhappy from all the algae but either way it made me laugh!
I love pretty church doors and in France there are so many beautiful rod iron doors to choose from!
Life on a house boat can't be too bad when this is your view.
I have really enjoyed running along this river, there are so many nice things to see. Where is your favorite place to go running, or to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spooktacular Inspiration!

If I did not already have an awesome costume ready to go for this halloween, then I would have two great runner up ideas to choose between. Both are inspiring women that have motivated ladies for decades to always push the limits.

Rosie the Riveter
Girl Power written all over this costume! This costume is truly unique and good news is its simple for those of you who don't have time for sewing or intense shopping!
Annie Leibovitz set up this shot with Alexis Bledel. Such a wonderful vintage feel without being frumpy. Alexis is powerful and womanly, nice combo. Combine a high waist, button up, and a bandanna and you get awesomeness.

Amelia Earhart
Marlene Stewart, costume designer for Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, created this exciting modern spin on Amelia Earhart's iconic look. Of course Amy Adams is already adorable, but give her a cute, curly-do mixed with Amelia's spark for life and you have magic!
This costume has the potential to be simple, given you can find the ingredients. Riding pants and boots, Leather aviator jacket with lamb collar, and finish with a light blue scarf. This costume will not only make you adorable but also a Game out!
Halloween's only a couple weeks away, you better decide your costume and do some shopping quickly! What have you decided to be?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rendered Speechless

I adore fashion photography. Ever since I was a young girl I remember being swept away in a dream world of the beautiful dresses and high romance of the Conde Nast empire. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a brilliant picture, I believe is worth even more. One picture can evoke the passion to forget fear and go for your dream. One picture can allow you to escape to a world where anything is possible. One picture can change your take on life.
In 1856 Countess de Castiglione modeled her fashionable wardrobe for a private collection, when published she became the first official fashion model, making Pierre Louise Pierson the first known fashion photographer. *compliments of wikipedia*

Thomas Lagrange captures great emotion in this colorful piece.

Irving Penn creates a rushed sense of a lady being fashionably late for a rendezvous. The mid motion pose frames the joys of city life: taking pleasure in the whirlwind of society.
Through my research I learned that Cecil Beaton not only worked for many years photographing Audrey Hepburn but also costumed for my favorite Hepburn movie, My Fair Lady, as well as Gigi! He was certainly a man of many talents. Here, he perfectly captured the essence of Eliza Dolittle with the simple tilt of her head.

Sante Forlano finds a way to enjoy the rainy days in New York.

Richard Avidon creates such a nice composition with his juxtaposition to the wild roughness of nature verses the soft elegance of this couture gown. It really makes the model look like the most curvy exquisite woman.

Tim Walker has definitely become a genius of today's fashion scene. Bringing to print the whimsical romance that all girls relate to.

Annie Leibovitz is my favorite fashion photographer, she is so conceptual in her direction, composition, and execution. She has an amazing eye for capturing the true essence of any fairytale and making pop off of the page. She has a very unique eye for celebrity portraiture, rather than simply snapping a photo she creates a story. Also, she possesses a knack for bringing surrealism to life with a perfect blend of believability. You can easily relate to her characters, and in the moments your eyes linger on her photos you become instantly a part of her world. She is truly an artist.

Who is your favorite photographer (fashion or otherwise)? Who inspires you to action?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This awesome image from Style Redux basically sums how I feel almost all the time. My life is one big road, hitchhiking my way to New York City.
Where does your road take YOU?!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lace! Oh La La!

While paroozing the net for fashion week coverage, I stumbled upon this photo which inspired me for this blog post, along with a new turn on my own wardrobe.
Her eyelids are lace prints!! Lately I have seen plenty of these 'ready made' eyeshadow stickers that you apply in one motion to your lid. But the lace version is simply lovely! Then I remembered the fun Lace Masks from the runways of Fall 09. *photos compliments of unless otherwise noted*

Jean Paul Gautier made quite a dramatic look for his models with these sash masks.
But Valentino really takes the cake for making this (hopefully) upcoming trend HOT! Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, with only 3 runway shows under their new Head-Honcho Valentino Belts, really made a great statement collection with their Couture Fall 09 show.

The detail shots really blow me away, especially in juxtaposition to the garments overall outcome. By using a nude sheer on the dresses, Valentino created the illusion of a lace applique on the skin of many of their models. I may not have a nude sheer dress, but I am definitely going to be toying with gluing lace pieces to my skin rather than resorting to jewelry.
Then there is this model, who has the lace along her eye and temple creating a fun and girly makeup idea! I may try for a more subtle lace piece along just my temple and report back on the results. First to find some makeup glue and intricate lace to cut.
You may think this is a new idea, but even in 1966 Audrey Hepburn beautifully rocked this black lace look in "How to Steal a Million"! How utterly amazing is she? Classy and always stylish.
*Photo compliments of*

So what will you try? Lace makeup, lace masks, or maybe lace applique? All three if you ask me!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Fashion Capital

After much anticipation, the magic of the Parisian Runways have come and gone and I am pretty happy with the results. Shortie shorts, accentuated curves, and bright colors, oh my! So here's what's on the plate for Spring in the city of love.
*photos compliments of*
Akris works in a nice demure look that makes you ready for a date followed by a stroll down the beach. Soft but sexy, the flowy top provides warmth for the Spring chill, and the low cut allows a little coordinated bra to peek through to always leave more to be desired.

Stella McCartney hit the jackpot with this little number! Who wears short shorts? You in Spring! Short shorts and high waist, these have taken full swing, especially in satin! Look how cute they are paired with a one shoulder top, and since its long sleeve it balances the drama of the shorts. Parfait!

Skinny belts have circled back around. This very inspired work-ensemble by Rochas is to die for! Even though I would prefer the hem end right above the knee (if you're vertically challenged beware of this skirt) the blend of the very basic fitted tee and pencil skirt with the wonderfully embellished skinny belt makes the perfect statement. Cute but in control. I love it.

Is it bad if I am super excited about this trend?? A Leather Short Suit! Costume National has done a great job at blending the short shorts with the recent uprise of leather! I really am enjoying seeing leather back on the racks because it adds such a soft texture to a look, while somehow giving it a rough edge...its an amazing contradiction.

This reminds me so much of my childhood Barbies that I just couldn't resist. An extra ruffle layer on your pencil dress can add the hourglass curve sans huge hips. It still reveals smaller features underneath a perfect curvy illusion. Felicitations Lanvin!

Bright colors! My favorite part of spring are the bright, fun colors and Andrew Gn did such a great job at showcasing them. Again back to the shortie shorts but this time, a statement in a bright cerulean blue. The best thing is if you live in a rather cold area you are used to layering to incorporate fall fashion to a cold climate...the shorts would look killer with dark patterned tights and over-the-knee boots for right now!
Emanuel Ungaro caused quite a stir with appointing Lindsey Lohan as a front runner advisory for the brand, but I must say I love this number. The only was the first pieces and nothing else was awesome. Too bad, maybe next season. As for this piece: fun, avant garde, and sexy! Tight, but undone, and bright for spice!
One of my favorite designers is Elie Saab, and I could not do a Paris Fashion Week justice without mentioning him. I am quite surprised this is what I am showcasing, but nonetheless, despite my better judgement, shoulder pads are back in style. Silver lining: if you have shoulders that are too slender, you can bring out your inner hourglass with the simple addition of styrofoam atop your shoulders. Otherwise, I am not a fan. But, this dress is quite nice, brilliant coloring, beautiful silhouette, and shoulders are subtle enough to not bother me. Well done!
In case you haven't notice, even from just this post, pencil skirts/dresses are back in. Hussein Chalayan did a superb job creating an old 40s feel for this ensemble. She looks like she is ready for the first brunch of the season in New York's Hamptons! Perfectly fitted, nice color palette, amazing hat (everyone please start wearing hats)!
Viktor & Rolf really take the cake for most creative architectural number this season. I realize this isn't going to be any girl's dream prom dress or wedding dress anytime soon, but try to appreciate the artisanship in this gown...its quite extraordinary. The skirt almost reminds me of a head of lettuce when you cut away at it, it remains that shape. Many, many layers of tulle cut to perfection created this and many other creative numbers for the show, and I really was impressed by the refreshing twist.
Vivienne Westwood would not normally be my ultimate blogpost pick, but this dress really takes me away. I love the skirt, with many layers, but shortened for dramatic sexiness. I can see this easily translating to pret-a-porter maybe lose the bell inspired sleeves, or the ruffle neckline to balance and there would be success in retail! This is the best version of the bubble dress style I have seen. I think I'd maybe add a white or bright colored belt to bring in a focal point, but other than that, I really like it.

Absolutely fabulous runway season, I was swept away with dreams of April! What was your favorite city? What trends are you looking forward to?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That Mother Chucker!

I don't know about you, but when Sex and the City stopped filming, suddenly television had lost it's leading stylist. Well, in the last few years a new star show has risen to claim what I believe will be the next lead for fashion forward icons: Gossip Girl. Costume designer Eric Daman has done a fantastic job at creating a look for each character that perfectly places their personality and statement to the world. My favorite of all the cast is by far Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick. Every episode he takes me to a whole new level of standards for what men should be dressing like today.

Eric Daman has truly channeled the classic men's prep look from the 1950s with an upper east side modern twist. I am usually at a loss of words for how exquisite his wardrobe is. Guys, listen up!
Pocket square. Classic Chuck staple. Anytime there is a suit, there is a pocket square, perfect for popping color to whatever the occasion calls for. *compliments*
Suspenders. Men just don't seem to wear them anymore, but I'd like to call for a comeback. Personally, I think a man in a suit with suspenders is so sexy, its truly dapper in every sense of the word. *compliments of*
Color. Whether its a statement velour coat, or show stopping pants, one thing is for sure, Chuck Bass does not fear color. He has worn everything from a lavender suit to bright purple pants and a yellow cardigan. He is confidant in himself and his style and totally pulls it off. Its nice to see a man in something other than neutrals, or the generic blue. *compliments of*
Accessorize. Hat and ascot...yes please! Often known to be sporting a fedora (my personal favorite) Chuck is always properly accessorized. He knows no outfit is complete without the finishing touches. Cue his trademark red, white, and blue silk scarf. Which brings me to another thought, can men please start wearing ascots again? You don't have to be Mr. Darcy to wear it, look how modern Chuck looks...with an ascot. Also, don't forget nice shoes, nothing ruins a look like drab shoes. Yes, people notice your shoes! *compliments of*
Attitude. Of all the outfits in his expensive closet, the one thing Chuck Bass never leaves the house without is his attitude. It is 50% Smooth Talker, 50% Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn. He knows what looks good and he will wear it, and anyone that crosses his path beware, nothing says "Run for the hills" like a Chuck Bass upset. This outfit is a personal favorite of mine. Its very Humphrey Bogart meets the 21st century. The black lapel and pant piping are great details to this classic look. Then paired with a neck scarf for a GQ look, and aviators for casualness, its perfect! *compliments of*

He may be the guy you hate to love, and love to hate, but at least he looks good doing it. Here's to Chuck Bass our modern day Cary Grant.

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