Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sealed with a... Heart Zipper?

The girly side of me absolutley adores Valentine's Day! The pink and red, the hearts, the romance...*sigh*... and here is a Cupid inspired piece, brand new to Embellished, to honor the upcoming Day of Love!

It actually is a vintage French zipper! I was playing around with it, without any real plan of what it would become and when I looked down I noticed it looked like a heart! So I immediately stuck it into place for a clip before I forget how I stumbled upon such a cute accessory!

Wonderful for hair, hats or a shoe accent this peach heart has great meaning. Its vintage, strong, and peachy...just like a strong love stands the test of time and allows your life to be peaches & cream, so does this adorable Embellishment for your wardrobe!

Check out the entire new line now at Embellished!

Remember this is the last day to enter the Heart Strings Giveaway from Sororosey! Get to it HERE!


Joanne Faith said...

That is really cute, something you could add on anything to make it a little more original!

Sarah said...

That's adorable! It's funny how sometimes the most interesting designs just happen spontaneously.

SogniSorrisi said...

What a cute idea!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Be still my heart! I love this piece - how adorable!! :)

cabin + cub said...

Very cute and sweet! perfect for Valentine's day. ;)

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