Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Travel Confession #5

I love packing for a trip. I think about all the places I want to see and events I would like to do, and lay out all my clothes, organized into coordinated outfits. The travel size cosmetics and toiletries are so cute and are fun to save for such trips. On the flip side, I detest unpacking. It is just admitting its back to routine and for the moment adventures have ceased. Packing is definitely more fun with its infinite opportunity on its unpaved path ahead.

*photo compliments of from user AK Nacer*

What is your travel prep routine?


Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

2010 New Year's Fireworks show

Amber said...

I gotta disagree with you on this one! I really hate packing.. it is the worst part of my trip!

HeatherClark said...

I travel a ton because my boyfriend lives in San Diego so my packing routine basically consists of throwing whatever I can in my carry on and then getting mad once I'm there that I don't have everything I want

I don't like unpacking would not be out of the ordinary for me to let my suitcase sit there for weeks. Sometimes I even put it away in the closet with some stuff in it and tell myself I'll do it later. It actually works out cuz I forget about some things and get excited to re discover them ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't mind packing; but I always feel as if I'm forgetting something!! :)

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