Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Salute Pisa

It has been quite some time since my Italian adventure and I apologize for the delay in posting my travel photos darlings, it has been a very busy month! Italy is full of tantalizing cuisine, inviting people, and gorgeous cities. My first stop was in Pisa, a small town in Tuscany with one very large monument that has millions of tourists "holding it up" throughout the year (and yes I took one of those photos of course)! Enjoy your tour through Tuscany.

The Pisa city flag, along with the tower and the surrounding street life.
The market around the Leaning Tower is very vivacious and so much fun to wander through.

After wandering the streets of Pisa, my friends and I stopped for a mouthwatering pizza. While enjoying our meal we were serenaded by two gentleman with an accordian and a guitar. It was such a lovely ambiance.

The Basilica of Pisa was beautiful. My favorite was the outside stonework because there was a random assortment of blocks that had inscriptions on them. They look like they were reused blocks, but I believe it was actually a style the Italians were going for at the time.

The tower was fun to climb, a funny unexpected aspect was because it is leaning you also are unbalanced when climbing it. Everyone had both hands extended on each wall and were climbing up the left or the right side of the stairs depending on the angle the tower was at, at each point.

Pisa by night was my favorite, there were people everywhere in the piazza's gathering for the World Cup and enjoying each other's company. We found a couple restaurants along the river that were surprisingly affordable with the best wine and cuisine around. This was definitely a great city to be welcomed into Italy.

Salute darlings!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography Jessica. You do a nice job of finding artistic way of shooting tourist locations. Keep up the good work. I will be waiting for your next adventure in photographs!

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