Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diary of a NYC Fashion Intern: Sample Sale

The sample sale has been going strong...just like the drinks at its cocktail hour! As a fashion intern, I am generally pulled in many directions. I start the day by fixing up the sample sale room, merchandising, putting back clothes from the dressing room, and fixing the displays.

Here is our Erickson Beamon jewerly, preferred jeweler of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, 
and the First Lady, Michelle Obama! 

 I typically change the outfits on the mannequins every couple days to keep them fresh looking. Its always fun to play dress up with the gorgeous clothes we have in the sample sale. Near the end of the day, I run downstairs and mix the cocktails for our Happy Hour. I layout a nice bar up at the Sample Sale Room entrance and serve our shoppers.

There are days where I'm pulled on an errand which is normally why I wear flats! One day I got pulled to do 5 errands on the one day I had worn platform was not pretty. The errands were all close enough that hopping the Subway wasn't an option but darlings...I was walking for an hour and a half! On my way back to the office a turtle could've beat me there. My feet were in so much pain, that I had to granny walk my way back to 11th avenue! Never again!

Our SAMPLE SALE is still going on, but not for long! So be sure to stop by and get some pretty things, for some even prettier prices!

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Kelly Setzer said...

Um, wow. The room with all of that gorgeous jewelry is basically my version of heaven.

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