Tuesday, August 4, 2009

USA Capitol

2 1/2 years ago I traveled with my family during the Christmas holiday to Washington DC. I had a couple rolls of film to use up from a photography class I had taken in school, so excitedly I snapped shots around my nation's capitol! Well the realities of a full time job, full time school, and volunteer commitments set in, and I never got around to getting in the dark room to develop the film!

Well after calling all over Charlotte I finally found ONE place that will still develop traditional professional film! Biggs Camera on Kings St....Thank you for being my saving grace!

So here are some of the shots I liked...unfortunately they all have a slight grain on them which I am sure is from keeping them in a drawer for over 2 years, but it does add an old quality to them that I quite like!

The Eternal Flame where JFK is buried.
"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." JFK
Very wise words...what's funny no one today actually does that, they just complain and wait for a handout from the government. Maybe we should revisit this thought more often.
Arlington Cemetery is a very moving place.
Smithsonian Museum in the afternoon. This shot turned out really cool.
The nation's capitol...and a pretty lamp. I love swirly iron work so I thought I would take advantage.
Finally, my favorite picture of all! It took my breath away when I looked at the negative, I just love it. This is the soldier who guards the Grave of the Unmarked Soldier, he walks back and forth all day guarding the grave of our country's sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, lovers and friends. This grave means so much to so many, as we all know someone serving for our freedom and the price they are paying daily or have paid for us. Thank you.


Cheryl Henderson said...

I love that last picture. Also, I found a picture almost identical to that one of the smithsonian some where online when I was searching for steeples. Good stuff. You have a great eye my artistic friend.

Whitney said...

These pictures are beautiful! I had no idea that you were such a great photographer.

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