Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breakfast Italia

I am now officially back from my Italian Adventure and darlings, let me just say, I did not want to leave. Italy is wonderful and I cannot wait to make another trip back! I took time each morning for an Italian breakfast that looked like this. Very similar to a French breakfast except the Italians have injected their croissants with a shot of Nutella. Good stuff. Well, technically the Italians also drink little espressos but the American in me needs a bigger coffee to start the day, so Americano it was!

I will be posting my travel photos soon enough, I will begin to sift through them all today, but stay tuned because if you have ever hoped to see Pisa, Florence, Vatican City, or Rome, you will be in for a treat!

Ciao Darlings!


Anonymous said...

Very similar to Angelina's in Paris.
Oh that Chocolate Croissant looks so good!

Vanessa said...

Nutella croissants are delish. I always go for the Americano. I am English but a teeny tiny espresso is never enough! Great post.

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