Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Christmas Decorations: Paper Wreath

I hope you enjoyed the last DIY Christmas Decorations post on Winter White Pumpkins and have had a chance to turn your old Fall pumpkins into glitter creations. But the DIY continues as I continue to show you what my apartment looks like this holiday season. This particular Paper Wreath DIY project turned out better than I expected and is a great entrance to our Winter Wonderland, my roommates and I have set up for our upcoming Christmas party!

Paper Wreath
-drawing paper
-large scallop edge circle paper punch (optional)
-pixie dust glitter
-Elmer's glue
-round styrofoam ring
-hot glue gun & sticks

time: approx 30hrs. 
This was my relaxing Thanksgiving weekend craft while I bunkered down
 with ongoing episodes of FRIENDS. That show never gets old. 

1. Start by cutting out circles from the drawing paper with a scallop edge like a cartoon flower.
**Tip: this is where you can use a large sized paper punch in this shape to be faster**
2. Cut out more than you think you will need. The more packed the circles are, the more full the paper wreath will look.

3. To make the paper cluster, use the blunt eraser edge of a pencil. Place it in the center of the circle and then fold and squish the sides along the pencil like you are covering the lid of a bowl with saran wrap.
**Tip: since this is thick paper, be sure to thoroughly crinkle the paper so it's softer looking.**

4. Then rub with your finger the edges of the paper clusters with Elmer's glue and immediately dip in pixie glitter. This will give the paper wreath it's snow-kissed look.

 5. Now begin hot glueing the paper clusters on the styrofoam round, tightly together. (Don't worry about waiting for the glitter to dry, it will get there). **Tip: use the pencil (eraser end) to hold the cluster while the glue dries (20-40 seconds). Since the clusters are so close, they will want to fall off unless the hot glue has dried.**

 6. Hot glue a ribbon to the back of your paper wreath to tie to your wreath hanger on your door.

Now your door will welcome your guests into your winter wonderland with your fabulous DIY Christmas decoration! Who said a paper wreath can't be chic? And you know my theory about anything that glitters...

Please post your DIY pics of your 
Christmas decorations on 
I'd love to see them!


Marisa A. said...

Yay a Christmas DIY I think I can actually do! Haha I'm usually super intimidated by DIYs. I'm not that crafty.

Melissa K @ Lulliloo said...

Love the wreath - very festive! :)

Jessica said...

Please report back!! This craft was so much fun!

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