Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stockholm is Beauty

After many years of hoping to go, I finally got the chance in October to visit my family in Stockholm. And what a wonderful trip it was. I got to see everything on my 'Sweden' list and had a blast the entire week. So please, enjoy!

A traditional Swedish home in Skansen, Stockholm's open air museum. Very informative for learning Swedish history.
A viking slab. It is really neat, because you can find these all over the city. Not all are this intricate of course, but it adds such character to the rich landscape.
On the harbor of Stockholm. This I believe was my favorite spot, so beautiful, and in the background the Nordiq Museum, my favorite building in Sweden.
I always love visiting cathedrals during my travels, they are always peaceful and beautiful. This one was no exception.
I love Europe and all their little streets with mopeds, it makes you feel like you are in a black and white film!
The tiniest street in Sweden, and I believe in Europe, if I'm not mistaken.

My whole trip was a whirlwind of adventures, I was constantly amazed at how welcoming and nice the people are. Also, the city is so clean and so beautiful it really makes you want to stay. My family kept telling me I came at the worst time to visit, and if I loved it this much then, I cannot imagine how much I will love it in the Summer?! Its rare that I feel this at home when I travel, maybe one day I could live in Sweden...who knows. Where have you been where you felt you could easily live?


Anonymous said...

Anywhere you are!

Anonymous said...

When I was 18 and went on my first trip to Sweden, I took the exact same picture of the tiny street. Mine was taken on slide film and your of course digital, funny to see how things change with time. I will have to find it so we can compare the two. It brings back a lot of memories.

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous photos, darling!
Looks like a wonderful trip!


Oscar Braaten said...

Verry nice! Good job Jess (:

laissezfaire said...

Love the pics of the little streets you took!

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