Friday, April 30, 2010

Classic Gent

There is nothing more sexy to me than a man in suspenders, or maybe a vested suit. The classic tailoring and detail of menswear is enticing and there is no woman I know of that can say no to a man dressed for the executive's office.

Maybe the draw of suspenders is that they're more unique in this day and age, such a throwback to a time when men were gentlemen and women were ladies, where men swept women off their feet and danced with them into the sunset of the silver screen.

But I must say, I do think women carry a special liking for suspenders because its something nice to hold on to, like a tie, to pull in for the perfect kiss!

*thanks tumblr and weheartit for the photos*

So whether you are sporting plaids or pinstripe guys, top it off with a pair of suspenders or make your look a complete three piece suit and take note of how many heads you can turn over happy hour!

Here's to the gentlemen!
Ladies what do you think?

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Rachael said...

I agree 100%. I love suspenders on guys and i think i has to do with the old days and also it puts in your mind that they are successful in their career due to the wall street movie. My boyfriend never thought he would wear them and that they were nerdy until i bought him a pair of nice trousers for him then found a pair of suspenders that i thought would suit his height and personality then got the buttons put on his pants to suit the type of suspenders then attached them and gave them as a present. He would of felt bad if he didnt wear them. Then he began to like them and like the comments he was getting and then one day he went shopping and came home with all different pairs of suspenders in different styles and colours and i was speachless but very happy. He always claimed they were so comfortable so it got the better of me and had to try a pair on and wear them out so i put a pair with my black suit and had them under the jacket went shopping in my break and cause they are so comfortable i forgot i had them on and when in a shop that was full due to a sale and a big line up for change rooms i went to try a jacket on and once mine come off and the suspenders were out for people to see i was worried until everyone was asking me where i got them from and every person saying how good they looked so i left the jacket off and went back to work and the same happend there and now im hooked and have my own collection and so do many others i know and at work. Suspenders rock!!!!

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