Friday, April 23, 2010

Pourin Your Heart Out

I've had this look on my face far too many times, whether sitting at a piano, or on a bed with my guitar. There is something about music that allows whatever emotion you are feeling to be poured out onto the empty piece of paper in front of you; to fill the silence of your heartbreak, or uplift your sheer bliss. Music takes over when their are no words, and lyrics provide poetry to even the most indescribable feelings.


All my life music has been my constant companion, I have a love for it that was born in me and is unending. A great love of mine is finding new artists, especially when they carry some unique sound, it is so interesting to see how many forms music can be carried through!

What is music to you mes cheries?


Thirty-Six Ten said...

I completely agree! I think that is why I love musicals as opposed to just movies. Dialogue falls flat compared to music and lyrics! You can't fully express feelings in a conversation. Music says it all!

Dyche Designs said...

Music to me is a lot like smell. You know how certain smells transport you back in time and invoke memories, so does music. It's amazing how music can touch so many people and have a long last and profound effect.

Michelle Elisabeth said...

I suppose music is a vehicle for emotion. I occasionally uncover songs that I haven't heard in years and am instantly transported back to a time, a place and a feeling. Once I purchased a Beatles CD and when "Good Day Sunshine" came on, I came overcome with chills and happy feelings. My mom told me later that it was a favorite of mine at the age of 3, one I'd listen to over and over and dance :)

Whitney said...

Hey! That's Jenny Lewis! I love her. Music to me is anything that touches your emotions, either in a way that makes you want to sing or dance. It can make you laugh or cry. I just love music. <3

Passport Smiles said...

I love Jenny Lewis too; she's such a badass.

Thanks for your comment. It's weird how our lives mimic each other. I never got to go to Cannes unfortunately, but I hope I "Cannes" next year. Gotta love the puns.

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