Monday, June 7, 2010

Hourglasses & Mirrors

Its funny how quickly things can change; sometimes subtle and other times like a bomb. One day you can wake up and find that the person you thought was your future has all too quickly become your past; you can discover the person you thought you would be has yet to be near what you are so far.

Character as well as destiny is made up of many tiny moments that over a lapse of time give us the complete picture. Its like looking at one of those collage pictures that create a huge picture by a bunch of very tiny pictures, in hindsight it is clear what the big picture is but as you are ticking away along your path of life each little puzzle piece seems to be unrelated and all too confusing. Maybe we sit perplexed by the man whom we were convinced was perfect in every least until the Perfect Man comes along and than we have the "Ooooh" moment when suddenly all the failed relationships, broken plans, and heartache make sense.

*thanks tumblr*

But if anything is sure at all, it is that it all works out in the end, and worrying never added one glimpse of the future's answer. So the best we can do is have faith, in ourselves and each other, and soak up every moment like its our last. Maybe then, when we look back, we won't regret anything because we know, without a doubt, that we truly experienced all there was to offer and can be happy about that.

How do you live in the moment?

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