Friday, June 25, 2010

Shopping Nirvana

I like shopping, I get to browse beautiful things, gain information about my industry, people watch, and get a little cardio in as a bonus! The marketing side of me always really enjoys when a store has been completed successfully. By this I mean, not just a box with things inside and on a rack. I love to find stores that really invite the consumer in, tell a story, and convince you to stay a while. That is a successful store.

On my few visits to Paris I had never managed to get over to the Galeries Lafayette but finally I ventured upon it a couple weeks ago. I was not disappointed. This store puts Macy's, and even Bloomie's, to shame. You walk in and it seems like a normal high end department store. You continue walking toward the center and you stumble upon an escalator? Nope....this:

Yeah, I know. You can close your mouth now. Imagine actually shopping in here, it is just gorgeous. It makes you feel like you are shopping in a castle rather than a store. With a great selection of any brand you may have your eye peeled out for, Galeries Lafayette is definitely how the French do department stores best. Too bad one of these doesn't carry over into every city in France...well that is probably a good thing for my wallet.

What do you think mes cheries?

1 comment:

Amber said...

Remind me to tell you a story about the dressing rooms in the lingerie department the next time I see you.

Galleries Lafayette here in Lille just isn't as impressive, sadly. Shame you couldn't have seen it at xmas -- you can't even imagine. It's just something you gotta see.

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