Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wandering London

It was rainy, but what better way to be welcomed by London right? I will have to make a second trip hopefully soon for shopping and a little more relaxation, I'm afraid I did not have much time. Nonetheless, I really loved London and cannot wait to visit again!

I love the hats of the Police in England. How cute??

I was loving all the telephone booths around town. Although I wonder how often they are actually used for phones anymore with all the cell phones around?

This is such an amazing statue. Its of the Women of World War II. I love how it depicts the women hanging up their dresses, putting on hold their heels, and donning their work suits to support their countries while the men were away at war. Its a perfectly moving piece.

The London Eye

What is your favorite thing about London darlings?


Dyche Designs said...

You really captured the essence of London with those pics.

I recently did a trip home to visit my family in the UK and made it up to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for a day. It's a fantastic place.

So much to see and do there though.

Daphne said...

I love London, don't know why I just love it!
I went there often when I still lived in England.

Thirty-Six Ten said...

Ask me what my favorite thing is in two weeks! We will be there all the way from the States! We are all excited and can't wait to spend our holiday discovering London. I do hope, though, our weather is a little nicer.

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