Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of

A dream is something worth fighting for, and this is something lately that I have to constantly remind myself. I am a very passionate and driven individual, but in this economy even I hit my bumps in the road that feel like insurmountable obstacles. I just have to keep telling myself to pause, breath, and reboot. Take things one day at a time and don't focus on all that can or has gone wrong but rather what is going right.

I generally keep this blog very positive, I feel we get enough bad news from...the news...everyday and fashion should be a place to escape to something beautiful that makes you also feel beautiful and alive. But I also do not want to mislead any of you that fashion is this glamorous, easy industry where it's sunshine and runways all the time. In fact it is quite the opposite, for every glamorous event, at least a month or more's work was logged in small office meetings, working straight through lunch on 10-12 hour days. And this is the industry I want to work in?? Lord knows I could not love it more!

Lately it is definitely getting hard to stay encouraged, but I fortunately have great women surrounding me in life that keep me motivated and focused on the goal.

Remember these 3 things:
1) Surrounding yourself with other people in your industry that understand your struggles and your frustrations is key!
2) NEVER underestimate the power of a hug, and
3) Always keep that positive eye on the horizon, don't let those nay-sayers best you on any level!

How do you stay motivated
 in hard times my dears?

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Wendy said...

Inspiring thoughts! When things get ugly for me, I focus on my grandchildren and making life magic for them. It gets me through many a bad day.

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