Thursday, July 28, 2011

Style Brief: Fashion for the Women's Briefcase

Allow me to brief you on the importance of the briefcase mes cheris. No longer the boring box that Mr.Cleaver brings home the bacon in, briefcases are chic and a must have for any working woman's uniform.

Style Brief: The art of the briefcase

Shoulder handbag
$1,274 -

Valentino handbag
$1,770 -

Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag

Giorgio Fedon 1919 padded bag
$790 -

Piquadro leather bag
$549 -

Messenger bag
$398 -

Strap bag
$195 -

KLING straw bag
$55 -

Plaid handbag
$55 -

Without any surprise, my favorite is of course the brown Valentino, the most expensive. But a briefcase is something you don't want to skimp with something cheap. This is the bag that is holding your professional career in your hands, not only do you want it to be sturdy enough to hold it, but to also look good enough to reflect the fabulous professional you are! Since this is an investment purchse, like your suits, be sure to pick something that is sleek and classic so that it will stand the test of fashion's time.

When shopping for a briefcase to serve you well, it should meet the following criteria:

1. Large enough for your laptop
        My laptop is wide screen which I love, but makes for a harder bag search.
2. Interior pocket dividers
       Don't let important papers crushed when pulling your laptop in and out.
3. Messenger strap option
       Not crucial but VERY convenient when commuting.
4. Organizational pockets for small accessories 
       You don't want to look like a tool man with a belt of gadgets, be sure there is a cell pocket, iPod pocket, business card slips, and pen holders at a minimum.
5. Sturdy stitching 
       This is a BIGGIE, make sure the seams look heavy duty because unless you own the Mac Air, your laptop is like carrying around a small child all day! You will need stitching to support this.


Amber said...

Jeremie got me a Longchamp Sac Reporter for my birthday this year and I love it. I can't find a good image of it online but it's a gorgeous, sturdy bag that looks very professional. He always makes the right choices for me :)

Mary Lane said...

I like the Valentino best too! These are all great picks. I wouldn't do the LV, but that's just because I think a professional bag should be a little more discrete.

Anonymous said...

There is something about a good briefcase that makes you feel so put together like life is awesome.

Jessica said...

Yes I agree about the branding for business bags.

And yes! Those briefcases really do make you feel in charge! It's empowering for working!

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