Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interior Inspiration: The Art of Gossip Girl

Lately I've indulged my baser instincts and pulled out the fundamental Gossip Girl seasons 1 & 2 from the DVD rack for some fashion inspiration and beautiful boys to stare at while eating dinner. I find the sets are such great interior inspiration that I must indulge in a bit of artist background. The powers that be in Gossip Girl land are always looking to bring in local factoids of New York City and especially to highlight hip NYC artists that are noteworthy for the Bass, Humphrey, Van der Woodsen clans.

Here are some of the sets where some interior inspiration may just jump directly on to the walls of my living room.

To begin there is debatably my favorite, the Richard Phillips "Spectrum" print that hangs over the staircase of the Van der Woodsen apartment. It is a statement piece that sets the mod chic elegance of the whole art-filled home.

My other favorite (they constantly tie for first) is the Richard Phillips "Scout" print hanging in Chuck Bass's bedroom. I had no idea these two prints were the same artist so it is funny, although I suppose not surprising, that they are both equally my favorite.

The entryway also showcases some other great pieces that I love, but that don't quite hypnotize me the same.

 The Prada sign print by Elgmreen and Dragset may be the most prominent artwork among Lily's collection as it is a bold piece directing any guests straight into the drama of their home.

{Thank you Sogni e Sorrisi for your  artists finds}

This Jessica Craig Martin print is actually quite good. I like the color choice, the appropriate modern feel of the fashion world as well as the interesting crop in the composition that has taken place. The dramatic crop makes you wonder about the lives of the portrait's subjects...I like art that makes me wonder.

What art is your interior 
inspiration of the moment?


Mary Lane said...

I love Gossip Girl and love all this art, especially the Prada sign. If I had a gigantic walk-in closet/dressing room I would find a space for a smaller version of that print.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was cool enough to have some sort of interior art decorating abilities...but alas. I do love all these prints though!

amourette said...

I know this is shocking, but I've never actually seen gossip girl, though admittedly, after reading this post I think I will check it out (finally!).

Jessica said...

haha yeah I love interior decorating for myself :) and I always do my own artwork so I love seeing other people's. The first two prints are seriously my fav ever!!

@amourette I can't believe you've NEVER SEEN GG!! It's AMAZING!! Please start from Episode 1 and become addicted, the fashion is phenom!

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