Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Charlotte Vintage

First things first, I must congratulate myself for the following: I literally just carried a mini fridge, microwave stand, two heavy large boxes, and an office desk, down my apartment stairs and loaded them into my Ford Escape ALL BY MYSELF! Which is why I really do not like hearing women say, "Get a man to do that," You can do it!

And now...My deepest apologies for being a day late on the blog post, I went vintage shopping all day yesterday and when I got back home my Internet was down!

Charlotte has some great places to peruse around and discover wonderful little treasures!
This is my favorite picture of the day, it depicts everything I love: vintage, fashion, and girly.
I just LOVE old luggage, one day I will make a point to own a matching hard case set like this!
Old microphones have so much more character than current mics...and notice the record its standing on top?? That's right I snagged an original Breakfast at Tiffany's Soundtrack vinyl for $8! This will be added to my sewing studio wall right next to the My Fair Lady original vinyl. (Hint: I adore Audrey Hepburn)!
This crinoline made me feel like Carrie Bradshaw, major fashion icon to me...even though she's fictional!

The Penguin Diner in Charlotte's Plaza Midwood section, I loved the ambiance.
Hong Kong Vintage on Central Ave is the best vintage stores for miles and miles! It is stocked full of an area of clothing, accessories, and even housewares from many decades!
Amazing chair that would go well in sewing studio!

The find of the day? ...drum roll please...
An amazing 1970s evening gown! Sea foam green, with a very impressive gold beaded bodice. Not to mention that it was my size, fit perfectly up top, and flowed beautifully to the floor!
That brings me to the saddest part...I could not justify buying it, since I am low on funds and have absolutely no where to wear it in the foreseeable future! Bummer.

Who knows, I will try and save up money and if it is there when I go back to buy it, well you know what they call that don't you?? FATE!

But alas, a day shopping is never a wasted day because you exercise and gain inspiration; always worth it. Any of you have awesome hidden gems in your hometowns? Maybe that have a story of an amazing find for you? Please share!!

Until next time xoxo!


Katy said...

great photos jessica!! The Penguin is where Ryan took me on our first real date, I love that place too! The best place I've found so far in DC is a used book store in Eastern Market. There are books stacked in every possible place you can imagine, even along the staircases.

Amber said...

Love it, Jessica! I can't wait to take you shopping here. There's two really great vintage shops in the Marais as well.
If you shortened the skirt on the evening dress (or made it bubble so that you could let it back out again) you could probably wear it out over here... :)
(i'm such a bad influence!)

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