Friday, July 17, 2009

Rockin Neckties

After centuries of men tying silk around their neck, I am astounded at how little the tie has actually changed. Especially the modern tie that has made little change at all in this last century. This was my inspiration for creating a line of edgy neckties to add to my Embellished family.

With the exception of the width of a tie changing every decade or so, the modern necktie has remained surprisingly unchanged. I am trying to alter that. I studied runways in Paris, London, and NYC, but could not find a menswear designer that ventured far with their ties, they were all kind of after thoughts to a creatively structured suit.

Embellished ties seek to bring the personality out of men without the use of our favorite cartoon friends like Donald Duck...don't you all remember your dad's owning THAT tie?? Embellished ties are for men that want to be deemed stylish but still professional, subtle but still unique. And below is the result of my vision. So check it out!

This is my all-time absolutely favorite tie. The simple medal pyramid studs scream statement, while remaining ever so subtle and refined. I have always loved men who are well dressed and possess their own style, but are also a little manly and rough around the edges. I feel this is the antithesis of that.
Hand sewn buttons and fringe give personality to this sleek silver tie.
A row of white feathers pop out of the seam line of this two toned tie. I love the unexpected surprise.
This is my other favorite tie in the collection. You just can't go wrong with the classically French Fleur de Lis. Here it has been cut out of the white silk with a pop of cobalt blue peeking through. The die cut silk remains rough around the edges to enhance the Rocker look.
This tie is perfect for a business setting because it is extremely subtle and stylish. Blue silk changes to a brown faux suede, but look closely there is a barely there rose imprinted on the brown fabric.
This is my latest tie which I am in love with the groovy retro throwback it emanates. Upon closer investigation you will find a hand embroidered large flower shape close to the bottom of the tie giving your eyes a pause from the busy pattern.

I have very high hopes for this collection, and love the refined rocker chicness they all possess. What are your thoughts?

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