Monday, July 20, 2009

Staple Movies

I love movies, but every few years or so a movie comes out that is what I would consider a Pop Culture Staple. After just watching one of those movies movies with some girlfriends I thought I would share a little of my thoughts.

The two best dating advice movies are: Hitch for men, and He's Just Not That Into You for women.
If you are single and out in the dating world, you know how frustrating the "Dating Game" can be. Even if, like me, you don't like to play the game, there is still dating drama i.e. "Will he call?" "Is she interested?" "Where is this going?" The frustration seems to be cyclical and contagious.

For men: Hitch gives you all the dating advice you need to sweep a girl off her feet. Watch it if you haven't already, and take notes! When my girlfriends and I saw this movie we all nodded throughout the whole movie at how true it was, and wished there was a real "Hitch" out there to help these clueless guys we have to date.

For women: Sometimes you really do need to be told "He's just not that into you!" And with guys it really is that simple. Do NOT blame yourself and think less of yourself, you are a beautiful woman of the world and you need to remember that. Just because things don't work out with a guy does not mean you missed your opportunity with Mr. Wonderful...because you still have not found him yet. We have fed each other these lies all our lives, "He must of lost your number," "He must have a lot going on in his job" STOP IT! Watch this movie and understand you must stop dwelling on all these "exceptions" and start living, know you are "the Rule," don't worry your exception will come one day when you are not looking for him!

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Amy said...

I love these two movies, I watched Hitch just last night! Very true points of views. If there wasn't alcohol and sex involved in the movies, I would highly suggest showing these to kids in middle school, if not younger. Perhaps it'll help their self esteem.

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