Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodbye to a Great

The sad news was pushed like a tidal wave through the world yesterday and I am still in shock. Alexander McQueen, whom I have spoken of multiple times as one of my favorite designers, was found dead in his London apartment Thursday morning. In only 40 young years he had pulled himself from high school drop out to leader of the Givenchy label to his own fashion empire. His runway shows were never just fashion, but also blended with performance, theatrics and futuristic dreams. The expanse of his creative realm never ceased to surprise the world as he unveiled collection after collection of stunningly beautiful pieces of art. Here is a mini homage to a man who left a definite mark on a world that didn't get enough of him.

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Ready to Wear Spring 2001
First solo line

Ready to Wear Fall 2002
My favorite line by far
So many aviation inspired pieces and as always impeccable tailoring.

Ready to Wear Spring 2003
The dress that launched a thousand ships

Ready to Wear Spring 2004
Complete with dance cast for fully choreographed runway show. Awesome.

Ready to Wear Fall 2004

Ready to Wear Spring 2005

Ready to Wear Fall 2005
Also one of my top picks

Ready to Wear Spring 2006

Pre Fall 2009

It makes you think how precious of a gift life truly is darlings. I try very often to empathize with how people can arrive at a certain place, but I am afraid suicide will never be a place I can truly understand. To literally feel that not one thing in life is worth holding on to, to feel that there is absolutely nowhere else to go, is an idea so foreign to me I can't even try to scrape its surface. What a scary place. This is often a confusing concept to me with artists. Many great artists in history have ended their own life, but isn't that contradictory to the very idea of being an "artist?" Art is all about the beauty in life in every facet and form, and to be filled with such beauty that it exudes from every pore in your body. To be so filled with this beauty of life that you must constantly find a way to transform it into a tangible form, of art, that the world can begin to attempt to understand what you are so wholly enveloped by.

So let me tell you darlings, no matter what downhills your life may take, I pray you know it will always get better. Remember that life is a gift, and the sun always rises, so just keep holding on. If you ever need a touch of perspective try helping someone worse off than you, not in a cliche, showy "I love charity" kind of way, but in a genuine and discreet "I want to love my fellow man" kind of way. Helping someone does so much more than aid them in whatever situation they are struggling, it also gives you perspective on your problems, not to mention fills your soul with an indescribable feeling of peace and joy.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I am still in complete shock at the news. McQueen was a true genius - the fashion world has been left with a gaping hole since his passing. What a tragic way to start off New York Fashion Week. RIP. :(

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