Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Day of Love Embellishers! I hope that no matter what your dating status may be you can find a way to appreciate a day dedicated to such a wonderful sentiment. I myself am normally single on Valentine's and this year is no exception, but that has never stopped me from loving this holiday. Blame it on the eternal optimist inside me or maybe my persistence to be girly and love anything that celebrates with pink, red, hearts, and ruffles....and chocolate, champagne, get the point.

I thought I would reserve today to introduce you to a very amazing photographer from my hometown, Charlotte, NC, whose work never ceases to amaze me. Cheyenne Schultz is a wedding photographer in Charlotte, and I only hope I am fortunate enough to one day have her and her husband Geoff work their talent at my own wedding. I learned of Cheyenne last year, as her husband works on staff at Elevation Church, my church, and have regularly visited her blog ever since. So, without further ado I introduce The Schultzes.

*All photos compliments of Cheyenne Schultz Photography*

Be sure to put your gawking into words below for a comment,
I know they'd love the love darlings!









My All Time Favorites

Be sure to check out The Schultzes website HERE and blog HERE!
Maybe I'll see you're beautiful faces on there one day darlings.
Hopefully some day you will see mine!



Couture Carrie said...

What fabulous pics!

Happy Valentine's Day, darling!


Fashion Court said...

happy vday! xo

Miss Eve said...

Just stopping by and wishing you Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm on a vacation in Thailand and will return to my blog on the 25th of February.

Much love: Evi

Ps. Fabulous pictures!

laissezfaire said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentines! x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I am in love with the engagement photographs; and the picture of the boy and girl kissing on the subway. So incredibly adorable!

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day darling!! :)

Missy-Ellen said...

Awe, they're all so pretty - made me smile! Happy Valentine's Day :)

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