Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebrity Crushing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Long gone are his days as the cute boy on 3rd Rock from the Sun, the last few years have brought Joseph Gordon-Levitt back to the forefront and aren't we so excited. I must say I have very high respect for actors who actually stick to their craft rather than playing the tabloid game, and I must tip my hat to Joseph Gordon-Levitt for doing just that.

I hadn't realized how grown-up the child star had gotten until I saw {500} Days of Summer...and was totally crushing on him at that point. Who could resist his cute dimples and adorable grin?? He has almost a boy next door quality that makes him feel approachable and respected. 

And the sharp suits he has been donning lately a la Inception are beyond superb! I can't adequately describe my love for a man in a great suit...mmm...it's just a really good thing. And to add the cherry on top, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has this James Dean old school look to his style that is classic and refreshing. 

{Merci weheartit for the pics}

Talented, classy, and oh so cute, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the perfect under-the-radar star that has every girl's heart fluttering once she takes notice. Keep up the good work Mr. Gordon-Levitt, I can't wait to see what you choose to take on next. 


Tara @ Haute Lunch said...

I always thought he was cute back in the day, but now he's handsome! :) I couldn't agree more with you take on JGL! Love the suits!

Paper Heart Girl said...

Love, love, love him!! So cute! ahhh, totally agree with the inception suits thing.. mmmm! x

Megan Flynn said...

I love him! He seems so funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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