Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not a Fan: Not Every Trend is for Everyone

Trends come and go, some stay for a good decade, not a fan? don't worry, some only make it for 6 months before people are screaming Sianara! Adios! The big thing to remember is they are trends...not style...which means not every trend is for everyone. There are many things that grace the glossy features of InStyle that I personally would never wear, or could never wear given my size, shape, coloring...etc.

There is one fashion trend that I have been cringing at for almost a decade now...and its still the vain of my existence...OK maybe not that dramatic but I hate UGG boots! UGGs are a shapeless, unimaginative shoe design that has Smoke&Mirrored their way around real shoe designer labels for far too long. And too grab your Bedazzler gun, add some glitter and stick an extra zero on the price tag is not creating a better model...its just sad that that is what you deem as quality shoe work.

Many use the excuse that they are so comfortable. This may be extremely true...but so are bedroom slippers and pajamas and those are also things that should not leave your house. Just because something is comfortable doesn't give you reign to gallivant around all day in it, there are other clothing options that serve the same purpose while still remaining clothes. Yes I'm talking to you, people who think pajamas on a plane are cool...its a few hours, you can do it at work and school, you will survive snacking and watching a movie in one chair in a real outfit.

To the credit of the UGG company, I will make this note: They have done a worthy job diversifying outside of their original product. Beyond the Bedazzler they have chic sandals that I wouldn't mind strutting down Central Park West in, and they have expanded their fine sheepskin into some fabulous home and clothing options! Go UGG! {photos from UGG Website}



tjalaine said...

I'm going to have to agree with you on this one! I don't find UGGs very attractive. I do have snow boots, but that's because I live in Chicago, and it snows a lot here. I don't wear them when it's not snowing, and I usually change into different shoes once I'm indoors.

Amber said...

Eh, I disagree about flying. I don't think that's the time or the place for a fashion statement and I go comfy all the way. it was worth it when we were delayed over 24hrs going to the US and over 36 coming back. But what do I know, I only ever fly internationally!

As for UGGs, I have photographic evidence that you LOVE both the UGG boot AND the Croc sandal! Remember those lovely gems we found while shopping here in Lille? I should send you that one for this post.. hehe.

You know what trend i'm happy to send on its merry little way? Skinny jeans. I bought two pairs of high waisted jeans with wide-ish legs last week and it made my freaking day, although I do feel like I walked right out of the 70's.

Kori said...

I hate them too!!! But, I can't give up my skinny jeans! I'm hosting a blog hop tomorrow for the 2nd Fashion Friday! I'd love for you to link up with us! Let me know if you have questions. Have a great day honey! Kori xoox

Emily said...

I hate Uggs. It really astonishes me that so many people are willing to spend over $100 dollars on something so ugly. I will say I like the vest you've included, and I think my room would not mind that rug either...

Mallory In New York said...

I agree completely! After going through my high school years, watching every single "stylish" person I knew convert to Uggs- think, this was SOUTH FLORIDA- I began to lose faith in fashion altogether. I mean, Uggs have been around for SO LONG. Almost half my life- why was my entire generation giving into them just because they were trendy? Or, were they actually becoming a style that I just didn't understand? I think the second one worried me more... Now, in fashion school, its clear that trends come and go, and if you don't like it, DON'T WEAR IT. Great post!

Mika said...

I don't like Uggs, but those wedge sandals are very very cute!


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