Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pourquois Pas? Become a Redhead

Happy Leap Year! Now, I've said it before, I will say it again. It's not blondes who have all the fun, it's redheads! Well after Fashion Week ended I was bored with my look and wanted something bold, fresh, and fun. What is a strawberry blonde girl to do? Become a Redhead! REALLY Red! I searched Pinterest tirelessly for hair colors that caught my eye...

I wanted something bold and very saturated. I knew I wanted red, but that is a shade with a thousand meanings. I did not want to become a redhead if it meant carrot or Ariel. But I have gone auburn before and wanted something much more fierce than that.

Here is me before.

Then I took a trip to Ricky's, lingered on hair swatches with the minutest differences and consulted with Pinterest on my phone. And I must say, this color was the hardest to dye my hair at home, only attempt if you are really very good with your hair. I saturated my hair in sections working bottom to top, root to end.  My whole sink and arms was tattooed in red from places my hair had brushed or my bottle had dripped. While my hair set I played Mary Poppins scrubbing (literally with a Brillo pad) to get my sink white again, and washing my skin back to normal. 

Here is me now.

This is just the bold red color I had in mind and it really does garner a lot of attention. To become a redhead, at least in NY, you have to be able to handle a few more cat calls than normal. But you also get positive attention from this rockstar color, and I love how it electrifies every outfit I wear! 

So become a redhead!
It's Leap Year after all!

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