Monday, February 27, 2012

What I Did This Weekend: The Oscars, The Artist, The Lower East Side

This was the most jam packed weekend I have had since New Year's, mainly because New York Fashion Week does tend to demand 100% of your social life. So apparently I managed to fit 2 months of social events into 2 days. What I did this weekend started with a band in the Lower East Side and lots of catch up with good friends, followed by seeing The Artist in an iconic NYC theatre, and ended (very late) with a viewing of the 84th Annual Academy Awards! And I found that The Oscars did not disappoint!

The dresses from The Oscar's Red Carpet this year were pretty (I have a few of my favs below, in no particular order) but I must say I was far more excited (and impressed) with the movie round-up for this year's Academy Awards.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

J Lo in Zuhair Murad

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Well one movie at The Oscars that blew me away, The Artist, a classic silent film, was beautiful, enrapturing, and truly unique. A marvelous tribute to the magic of the movies and how you should feel when you experience a film. I walked across Central Park to the NYC icon The Paris Theatre (the French theatre Carrie visits in Sex and the City) and was transported into movie magic by the ambience and the incredible film that was The Artist! Here's a snippet in case you are behind...

I also ventured to the Lower East Side, the grunge hip Manhattan neighborhood known for vintage shopping, tattoo parlors, and lots 'o bars, and met up with a few friends to hear a new band. (I love New York). Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians ended up being really fun. Catchy songs with a less hateful Lily Allen sense of humor, these guys put on a fun show! Please be sure to give their single Jerk a listen! The Lower East Side is so great for diving into a bar and discovering musicians. We happened to be invited to The Living Room for a listen and I'm glad we did!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention...did anyone miss Angelina Jolie's Barbizon leg at The Oscars? I was already laughing the second she stood still. But in case you missed it...there is a twitter account created in her honor...@AngiesRightLeg. I died laughing when I saw this tweet. In 10 minutes it had 1,600 followers by the end of the night it had accrued 6,500 followers and counting. I'm so glad someone finally called her out on her bullshhh...well you know. But in all seriousness...she really needs to eat a burger, the girl looks terrible.

What did you do this weekend?

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