Friday, March 11, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Presentation: Yoana Baraschi

This Fall 2011 Fashion Week in New York was an array of beauty as always, although this season I particularly enjoyed seeing color on the runway! The fashion presentation of Yoana Barachi was in the round and made you feel involved in the show. 

The difference between a fashion show and fashion presentation is a fashion show is your typical catwalk style parading of models, whereas a fashion presentation is more intimate. It can have the models posed or walking, but either way they reside in the center surrounded by the audience. From a photography standpoint I really enjoyed the presentations because the models typically look straight in your lens and you have the opportunity to get some great detail shots. 

A note from Yoana Baraschi:
Fall 2011 takes us on an emotional journey thru Virtualand, a familiar place in our dreams and on our computer screens. Here Faux Reality reins and transports us in a cinematic domain where 70's excess glam divas morph into virtual modern heroines. 

The beauty for Yoana Baraschi's line consisted of sleek-backed knotty buns, pale lips, and bold fuscia eyes!
The combination was simple yet fierce. 

It's like the 40's just jumped into New York Fashion Week, I love this dress!

The detailing by Yoana Baraschi was incredible, I lingered by each model enthralled in the mix of textures, layers, and embellishments!

Baraschi played pushed the limit with layers of textures and prints from reptile to polka dots. Voluptuous furs and knits mixed with sleek leathers further contrasted the juxtaposed striped and flora printed blouses and dresses. The perfect blend of classic and funky this Fall 2011 fashion presentation was a definite success. 

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Cafe Fashionista said...

The last look makes me think of Isabel Marant or Balmain. Love love!! :)

she851518 said...

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