Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being Fashionable in Glasses

Living here in NYC you see many people in glasses, they are called hipsters and you will spot them more downtown and in Brooklyn. One thing hipsters do right is the art of being fashionable in glasses. If you actually need glasses rather than just wear them ironically, can help!

Your style of eyeglasses should range according to your face shape and personal style of course. Here are some options for you to choose from: Square faces should try oval or round frames (you can also strut the cat eye glasses if you choose). Oblong faces can rock the tall broad glasses that are so fashion in glasses right now. Round faces should look for rectangular geometric frames. Heart shaped faces should seek the bottom heavy frames like these below, and oval faces can wear just about any frame so have at it!

I know it's hard to shop online for things you would rather try on first, but when you order glasses from you can feel safe because they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a great refer-a-friend incentive program! So not only can you find your perfect glasses but you can get your friends being fashionable in glasses as well.

The great part about is that you can buy a great pair of eyeglasses online without breaking the bank! And I know with my fashionista budget...which may or may not need to include the latest H&M designer colab plus many statement shoes... finding a great deal is a big deal.

Glasses can certainly get expensive so the lovely people of have worked out a Sale for you special Embellished readers! Take 20% off any frame in our iSee Eyewear collection and get free shipping within the US. Code: iSee20FS. Or take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

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How do you master 
being fashionable in glasses?

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Marisa A. said...

Haha funny you posted this today as I am wearing my glasses today! Although I am wearing mine so that I can actually see things. I just always find glasses that compliment my face shape (I have rectangular glasses as I have a roundish face) and are stylish enough to last me a couple years.

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