Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012: Best and Worst Dressed

Well the awards season is officially in full swing and that means lots of great red carpet moments we are all on the edge of our seats to see. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by the Golden Globes 2012 last night. Of course there were pretty gowns by a few, but as a whole I was unimpressed by the red carpet fashion. The best and worst dressed run down goes as follows...

Best Dressed Runners Up
 Claire Danes worked the simple in the front, statement in the back look with this bedazzled J.Mendel gown. I actually really liked the dress but it didn't Wow me enough to make the top.
*Thank you MovieFone for the instant photo access of everyone*

 Katharine McPhee certainly has me excited for her new show "Smash"about making it on Broadway, secret dream career of mine, and I love her elegant nude ensemble a la Mrs. Donna Karen.

Reese Witherspoon took the red carpet by storm in this classic red Zac Posen show stopper. The sweetheart neckline and tailored detail fits America's Sweetheart to a T.

Best Dressed
But out of all the worthy adversaries, I must give my Golden Globes 2012 Best Dressed Award to Sofia Vergara in her absolutely stunning Vera Wang gown. Navy blue has always been a favorite color choice of mine for evening gowns since it's still a dark statement but not as often done, and add the crazy curves of Vergara and the feminine embellishment of Wang and you have a red carpet homerun!

Worst Dressed Runners Up
Ok, in their defense the clothing itself is not terrible, but could Brad and Angelina be any more unhappy? They look like two statues from Madame Toussaud's made a jail break! The white in this Atelier Versace gown just clashes with Angelina's skin making her look washed out, and with touches of that harsh fire engine red...not working for her. I'm sorry you get to sashay down the red carpet at the Golden least look a little grateful.

I actually did some extra research for Julianna Margulies to find a flattering picture of her in this eggplant Naeem Khan gown. Naeem Khan is one of my favorite designers...but this gown makes Julianna actually look like an eggplant, she is one big column with no curve, no shape. There is a gorgeous deep V in the back which normally gets my vote every time. This Worst Dressed nom makes me sad.

 Madonna almost had something lovely with the start of this Reem Acra gown, but what craft project went awry on bottom?

Stylist mishap for Lea Michele in this Marchesa gown. Let's touch quickly on the fact that her hair and makeup styling makes her look like a man rather than the TV diva she is.  Moving on, Marchesa... again, one of my favorite designers... but didn't we learn from Rose McGowan's Dental Floss dress at the 1998 VMA's that showing too much can be a bad idea? But true, that is extreme and sheer can be done correctly...even if that's the argument...Halle Berry already wore a better version of this dress at the 2002 Oscar's. Note: If it has been done, don't try a repeat.

Worst Dressed
Although our Worst Dressed Runners Up so far are mainly for ill fitting or color qualms, Sarah Michelle Gellar in this tie dyed Monique Lhuillier gown has its own problems. A big dress with a big print, allows no room for anyone to win, so sadly that just leaves one very lonely Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes 2012. And that's a shame because I love Buffy.

Did you enjoy the Golden Globes 2012? I personally had the channel surf between the awards show and the amazing Once Upon a Time, gotta hate it when shows double book. Overall, I thought the red carpet fashion last night fell a little flat, and have high hopes for the Oscar's to redeem the awards season next Tuesday.

Who was your Best and Worst Dressed?


Emily said...

OH my GOSH what is angelina wearing! And sarah michelle gellar looks absolutely horrific in that. What were they thinking?!

Taylor Morgan said...

Great comments :) Believe it or not, most people LOVED Angelina's dress. And that blue thing Sara was wearing was hideous. So great job, you are one of the few that got it right :)

Ralph Lauren Tuxedos said...

In my own opinion Natalie, Angelina, and Mila were lacking of fashion.

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