Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

I hope you all enjoyed your wonderful holiday break and aren't too heart broken to return to work today. I had a great time with my family out in Vegas, but I missed you all so much, so here I am reporting for duty on all the Vegas fun at Christmas time. Viva Las Vegas is most definitely right...



Whether it was the flight over Arizona, the Hoover Dam, or exploring Red Rock and Zion National Park, even the outskirts of Vegas are fun to explore! I went on a photo expedition, I just love the colors and grandeur of the West.


The Las Vegas Strip is an adventure in itself, full of decked out casino's from every country, you can visit NY, Paris, Venice, and Cairo and only walk down one long block. People have been singing Viva Las Vegas for quite a while because it is a little burst of fun in the middle of the desert!

And I can't properly document my trip without the Bellagio Fountains which I really did quite enjoy! So with some outdoor adventure and some indoor fun the sights of Vegas were well worth the trip. I am definitely returning with my girlfriends though to paint the town red!

How do you viva Las Vegas mes cheris?

1 comment:

Savvy Gal said...

oh i am thinking of visiting vegas in the next week or two. : )

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