Thursday, January 5, 2012

Downtown Chic on a Cold Winter Night

It's a breeze to dress fashionable when it's 72 degrees outside...but how do you dress downtown chic when it is a cold winter night? Living here in NYC, I have mastered the art of layering and its a pretty fun game to play. Here is what I wore for an edgy look for dinner downtown in December...with a fur coat of course.

This coffee rouched Helmut Lang dress was transitioned to winter with a basic long sleeve shirt and leather leggings. Don't forget to throw in boots and a warm fur coat for good measure. Downtown chic always calls for leather, black, and boots... and isn't it lucky that so does a cold winter night?!

A funky hairstyle is also crucial, especially when you need to avoid the harsh winter winds. I french braided it to the side and the alternated pinning into a low side chignon. No plan, just braid and pin. Voila! Downtown chic and ready to brave the elements.

How do you layer for a cold winter night?

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Whitney (observantturtle) said...

I love that hairstyle! My hair is too fine to pull off styles like that. Unfortunately, I highly doubt I am going to have to layer for cold weather for the next three years (I'm living in Houston now) but I looove my peacoat. It's much cuter than others I've seen and comes down to my knees.

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