Friday, January 13, 2012

Motivation for 2012

As I begin my next freelance job in fashion, and as we all begin this new year, I wanted to do a post about fresh starts. That is my favorite thing about new years...a clean slate. No built up bad luck and closed door after closed door. Only opportunity...and damn it...that is what I demand 2012 will be, come hell or high water. I am keeping my chin up and staying optimistic that 2012 is the year for building on my planted foundation. So here's to you 2012... You will be Fruition.

Source: via Lesley on Pinterest

When something hard knocks you down, just keep on swimming. If you keep your momentum going you won't even have time to notice how strong you've gotten.

Visualize what it is you want. What is your dream? The craziest, most outlandish, impossible dream you could ever dream. Now triple it. Now go for it, full speed ahead.

Don't follow your dreams. Chase them. Hunt them down, wrestle them into your grasp and never let them go. It may seem hard, and at times impossible, but most people don't get to see their deepest dreams realized because they are too scared to try. Just do it and never look back.

2012. Fruition.


Be Inspired said...

What a great post! 2012 is going to be AWESOME!

Happy Weekend!:)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

wow the gowns are incredible x

Jessica said...

yes it will be awesome!!

Valeria said...

Love your blog!!! Check mine, we could follow each other!!!! xo from Rome

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