Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Can Pack for That: Vail

It occured to me that all the packing how-to posts I have done for travel fashion have been for warm destinations because that is the only place I want to travel! And how easy is it to pack for warm places when all your clothes are the equivalent of negligees? But I can pack for that too...How about a nice trip to Vail, Colorado? You twisted my arm.

I can pack for that...Vail

I can pack for that...Vail by fashiondiva304 featuring fur boots

Every celebrity seems to visit Vail, Colorado for their Christmas vacation...well that or St. Barths. I get the appeal, cozy cabins with grand fireplaces surrounded by a mountain range of grandeur. Plus, I still have to check "Learn how to snowboard" off of my Bucket List, so why not! 

The West sure is completely breath taking. So I suppose I can pack for that...if I must. Besides New York City is having a very unseasonable warm winter!! This time last year the snow was covering cars and didn't move for 5 months. This week, we are in the 50's! I will take it, and I will rejoice! 

Are you ready to be a ski bunny?

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Elizabeth said...

I live in Colorado so usually I just pull on my trusty hiking boots, oversized sunglasses to protect my eyes, a sweater, a parka, and head up for an overnight or even a day trip! It's snowing like crazy here right now, too :)

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