Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashion Fit: Look Good and Feel Good in the New Year

2011 was a hard financial year on this economy but the fortunate thing when you are low on cash? You can go running for free! You can look good and feel good in the New Year (something you may have already started doing)! I love running even when it sometimes doesn't love me back, this weekend NYC had a glorious 57 degree was positively Spring outside so I had to take advantage of the wonderful running weather. But fashion doesn't end with high heels, you can be fashion fit for your active lifestyle as well!

It's not just about going to the's about leading an active lifestyle. If running is not for you, consider new hobbies that are physically inclined. Rock climbing, softball league, yoga...they are all great.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

When you go out to exercise you still need your keys, ID, and credit where do you put them? NorthFace has a great Stow-n-Go bra that is perfect for when you need to leave your purse at home, or you can get this handy Kangaroo water bottle to stow your necessities.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

You no longer have to play tennis to be adorable and fashion fit in a skirt, now Nike has you covered with this running skirt!

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

These LuluLemon running pants will have you fashion fit and warm while you exercise outside. Or Victoria's Secret has a great selection of yoga pants that will certainly have you look good and feel good!

So are you ready to be your best in 2012? 
What fashion fit activity will you go for this year?


Marisa A. said...

I too have been taking advantage of the perfect running weather! I love that running skirt, I have been searching for one forever!

Jessica said...

I know! It kind've makes me want to go buy just to go for a fancy run!

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