Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shopping in Las Vegas: Hipster Emporium

While sitting down for a nice patio lunch in Las Vegas, I spotted this lovely little Las Vegas boutique across the way called R+D Hipster Emporium. The title alone intrigued me so as soon as I had finished my meal, off I went to do some shopping in Las Vegas. 

My favorite storefront in Manhattan is the All Saints store for the same reason...rows and rows of vintage Singer sewing machines. It gets me in the door every time...with baited anticipation might I add.

 Stocked with cute hipster merchandise in an array of Native American print smocks to high waisted retro denim and lots of choices for layering, the R+D Hipster Emporium did not fail to provide exactly what their name implies. This boutique makes shopping in Las Vegas an adventure, beyond the same old brand name hubs you expect. Refreshing.

I loved exploring this Las Vegas boutique for quirky vintage t-shirts and killer shoes. Not to mention their great selection of artful coffee table books that I wanted to add to my living room collection stat!

The R+D Hipster Emporium has a great selection and if you are shopping in the Las Vegas area, you should definitely stop in and check them out! Let them know that The Embellished Life sent you there!

What is your Hipster Necessity?


Rissy said...

That place looks cool! I'd love to own a spot like that someday... except I'm not super hispter so the theme would have to be different lol
Great find!


Couture Carrie said...

Looks like an amazing shop!
Thanks for the virtual shopping trip :)


Marisa A. said...

I've been wearing this my whole life but I suppose now it is considered "hipster". Flannel and Chuck Taylors. My favorite outfit ever. :)

Emily said...

i LOVE all saints!

Jessica said...

So glad you guys love the shop! It was such a fun shopping trip!

Cafe Fashionista said...

A part of me wants to live in this shop - the merchandise and all-around ambiance is incredible! :)

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