Friday, January 6, 2012

Red Hair: Dare to Go Deeper?

I am thinking of going redhead mes cheris...really red. Although I'm not exactly which shade I'm bold enough to go for, that will also look good on me. I love red hair and whether I am my steady strawberry blonde or a dark auburn, I just love the statement red hair makes. Red hair is bolder and more unique than brunette and don't believe what they tell's not blondes that have all the's redheads! At least that is my assessment, after being every color in the beauty aisle!

I love Alison Sudol's hair (lead singer of A Fine Frenzy), it has a more Ariel from The Little Mermaid quality but I think I want a deeper red.

You see, every so often I get antsy and need a change of speed in life. My hair is my solution to change. It is so much fun to try new things with your hair, and the second you can let go and try anything you will have a freedom that takes you to awesome places! Red hair is such a statement and that is what I am all about.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

So I need your vote my dears! 
Which red should I dare to rock?


Whitney (observantturtle) said...

I just dyed my hair red in October! I don't think it worked for me, but you rock red hair! I think the last one would be great for you.

Jessica said...

I was thinking the last one too!

parakiss25 said...

I really like the second one being rocked by Dulce Maria. It;s vibrant and edgy, but still lends itself perfectly to girlier looks

Jessica said...

Thanks doll! Yeah I am trying to bridge that gap between rocky edge and elegant and feminine.

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