Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend | Pastel Dresses, Rooftops, and Brunch

Tulips in full bloom, warm weather, and little girls twirling in their new pastel must be Easter! My Easter weekend was eventful and spiritually enriching, how was yours?

For starters, I had a Saturday morning pancake brunch and Rooftop Easter Service with friends. We were 5 blocks away from the Empire State Building so it was right in our face. Not a bad way to jump start your Easter weekend n'est-ce pas? This is the view of the Chrysler Building (my favorite), I truly love that this is my life.

Here is me and some of my model friends working it for the camera a Blue Steel sort of way. For Easter service numero uno I rocked the yellow color fad with an oldie but goodie dress that doesn't get too much free time out of my closet. It is a trapeze dress which I despise, so I cinched in the waist with a vest, and then added tights and boots for the chilly rooftop wind.

I also mastered the art of the Victory Rolls this weekend. Secret tip? You can NOT skip the step about curling your hair first. If it's straight your hair resists being wound, but once it's been curled, it naturally loops right into a little Victory Roll for you to pin and enjoy!

I also rocked my own pastel dress. A sugar coated ice blue dress from Express, that I've owned for ages. I never had much use for it in the Carolina's where dressing up is a four letter word, but here anything and everything goes at all times. I love NYC! To add a little edge to the Polly Anna white bow top, I knotted a plaid button down! Hey, now I would also be allowed in Brooklyn...maybe! Apparently this weekend was all about reviving forgotten pastel dresses for a bright and cheery Easter.

My annual Easter Brunch with the roomies at Alice's Tea Cup was as always divine. As was our walk through Central Park...despite the loads of tourists that have yet again arrived in packs to the city. To tie a bow on the weekend I attended my Easter service at Hillsong Church NYC. It's church mixed with rock and roll, you should check it out and don't forget to find me and say Hello!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend 
and are refreshed to conquer the week!

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