Thursday, April 12, 2012

I can pack for that... Bahamas

The return of the cold front to New York has me itching for warm weather. Shorts, sandals, straw hats, and an armed beach bag promising a day of fun. I mentally need to transport myself to the Bahamas for a hot vacation but some of you may be able to physically do that. In that case here is your packing how to for the Caribbean. Hey! I can pack for that... 
I can pack for that...Bahamas
Chambray dress and sandals to travel in, 2 swimsuits to alternate drying days, and lots of bright skirts, tops, and shorts to play mix and match with for a new outfit everyday. Throw in some patterns for a tribal island feel and pop some neon where possible.

Most important is the protect yourself from those harmful rays!! Bring great SPF for skin, hair, lips, and great sunnies for the peepers. I add my coveted J. Crew straw hat for fashion and function, nothing will protect the skin on your face better!

Also how cute are those feet jewelry? I always walk barefoot on the sand but this way you can still have some feet flair to make a statement when your shoes are stashed in your beach bag for protection!

It's easy to make a packing how to when it is as motivational as the Bahamas and all I want right now is an ice cold pina colada while the sun kisses my hot skin!

Are you itching for a hot vacation? 
Now you can you pack for that!


Irene° said...

wow what a packaging!!!!!!
nice blog dear, follow each others? :))

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Heather said...


erika said...

WOW now i want to buy new things and i want to go in holidays !!! ♥

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