Monday, April 30, 2012

NYC Staycation | Instagram Weekend

Sorry to be absent lately mes cheris, but it was necessary to put myself on a little NYC Staycation. With all the running around I have done in the last couple months, I finally had the opportunity to rest...and so I Carpe Diem-ed the weekend away. Walks in Central Park, Ferry ride to Ikea, and lots of drinks with friends, it was a fantastic long Instagram weekend to rest, enjoy life, and gear up for the next chapter in my life.

 It has been cold here in NYC lately, and since I'm stubborn and determined to wear my closet full of cute Spring stuff, I have had to add tights to all my Spring outfits to do so. Bummer.

 Went shopping in SoHo. I love passing all the creative storefronts around that nabe. They are the greatest. I especially love the C Wonder storefront. How fun and regal are these doors?

 You know it's going to be a good day when you start off your morning with Magnolia Bakery breakfast. Raspberry crumb muffin, coffee, infinity scarf, and Gaga glasses. Done and done. 

 I watched the Enterprise space shuttle fly over Manhattan as it made its voyage to its new NYC home at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. Bonus points for living on the Hudson River? You get to walk 500 feet to go see a space shuttle fly by your house. Um. Awesome. Not bad for an NYC Staycation huh?

 Had an all day long adventure to Ikea on Saturday which of course consisted of taking the NYC Water Taxi out to Brooklyn's Ikea. The Southstreet Seaport is always a great photo opp place for an Instagram weekend, and I haven't been out past the Statue of Liberty in over a year, so that was a fun ride. 

Ended the weekend celebrating a dear friends golden birthday out in SoHo at The Anchor bar. The DJ was amazing, and every single song had me screaming with excitement. Therefore it was a great dancing night to celebrate life with my really good friends. 

So how do you Staycation mes cheris?

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