Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Must Have | NYC Moroccan Terrace

It if finally terrace season again and despite the horrible weather of the past few days, NYC will soon be in a constant warm sunny state...and I must begin to prepare my terrace for the season. At the end of the day, our NYC apartment terrace is pretty cute already, but it still feels thrown together for me, and I'd like to create an oasis to escape to. A Moroccan Oasis to be exact. So I have begun to pool my inspiration on Pinterest of course for my Must Have Moroccan Terrace!


My must have dream Moroccan terrace first will need a bunch of floor lanterns to congregate in a corner. They will their candles lit for ambience and their multi colored glass will give great warmth and decor.

After that I will finally need to get a nice Moroccan tile table set, complete with the 4 matching chairs and all. The table we have now is a left over from the previous owner and matches needs to upgrade.

And for a splash of color, rich Moroccan fabric panels. This can cover the unsightly wall on our terrace that I have no clue what to do with. We have one great brick wall and then the NYC Skyscrapers skyline of course but this random silver wall I feel needs some love.

What else should I include in my 
Must Have Moroccan Terrace plans?

1 comment:

Rita said...

A moroccan inspired terrace sounds fabulous!

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